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Jack Buck


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Joe Buck enrages me to the point I want to break my TV. He is why Fox sports sucks ass and can he hate the NY teams anymore than he does.


best Buck line of the year, "its doubtful that ELI Manning can improve his accuracy" Eli is at close to 70% through 4 games averaging about 35 throws a game :LMAO: Great observation dickwad


Must be nice to have a DAD that can get you a job. :confused:

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Joe Buck's logic is rediculous. He is saying that the Mets should remove Perez in the 5th inning of a game that he is pitching well in, because he has a bad record in the past. Basically, we shouldn't look at what the player is doing right now, but what they have done earlier in their career and decide weather they should play or not. :huh:


Well I think Reyes may have had a low batting ave. at some point in his little league career, so we need to pull him before his next at bat. :rolleyes:

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