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  1. Half the oline never made the trip. The starting TE (such as he is) never made the trip. A third linemen left the game.


    What did you guys think was going to happen? Every time some cohesiveness starts to form, someone is out for a few games. And you can't expect the same results by replacing Richburg with Dallas Reynolds.


    Add to this that we always seem flat after the bye, if you couldn't see this as a loss, I don't know what to tell you.

  2. You guys act like this is something new. I've dealt with shit like this for decades:



    Decades. Didn't matter who was coaching. Didn't matter what players were on the field. If there was a way for that team to fuck us up, rest assured, it would happen.


    During that 2010 fiasco, a friend walked into the room while we were up by a ton. "Wow," he said, "Your team is routing the Eagles."

    I said, very calmly, that they were going to blow it. I knew the drill.


    We had a winning streak going into last night. It was almost a given.


    I hate that fucking team.

  3. You know what? Considering the fiasco of this off season, the potential shown by the youngins, and the limbo half of our "stars" are in, I'll take a 9-7 season and smile going into the following season with a ton of cap space.


    I expected a loss from the eagles. That's what those fuckers do to us, no matter what the era.

  4. OK...let's see:


    3 steps with barely any control and a defender draped on you--that ball is already starting to come out on the first step: TD;


    2 steps and a dive with clear control as it crosses into the end zone--incomplete (Falcons)


    I could see this as a TD, if the other play was. I could see this as an INT, since the other play was ruled incomplete. What I can't see is two different outcomes. Tate had a defender draped on him attempting a tackle as well, so where is the difference in ruling coming from?


    Yeah, feel free to call me stupid if that's how you get your rocks off--but there is no logic to these rules or their application.

  5. Muchado. Only newsworthy because of the name.


    Look, lost in the panic about the receiver situation is that despite a few drops, Harris has produces pretty well, and Geremy Davis had a big, important 1st down catch last game, and we don't really know what we have with Myles White yet. Not to mention our second best receiver is really in the backfield and highly productive, anyway, Shane Vereen. Whether or not Rueben Randle can play, I think we are fine at receiver (as long as OBJ is healthy), and have potential to be much better than fine. My bigger concern is the running game, that has been pretty uneven. We don't seem to have the ability to run on teams (the Giants are 29th of 32 teams in yards per attempt (3.6), and 26th rushing yards per game). I think the Andre Williams experiment should be over after this year and the Giants need to really emphasize the RB position in the draft in rounds 2-4 this offseason to get a young player that can produce on early downs.


    I'm hopeful that the upcoming return of William Beatty will help in this regard, who may return in week 7. While Beatty isn't so much of a road-grader, he likely will help the offensive line in terms of quality as a whole, and relegate Newhouse back to the bench where he belongs... and hopefully giving us a very strong run blocking tandem of Schwartz and Flowers on the right side. The Giants should get a big boost running that direction, with the overall line play improving as the group continues to mesh.


    To be fair, we've played against some good run defenses.


    But I agree with you on Williams. I don't see much going on there. I'd like to see what Darkwa can do, if anything.


    Wait, if we lose again, it will be fire everybody this team is terrible.

    Game 1--sharpen tines on pitchfork;

    Game 2--start putting pitch on the torches

    Game 3--held match 6 inches away from previously mentioned torches

    Game 4--blew out match, put away pitchfork

    Game 5--statues erected.

  7. Fuck the Falcons, but I can't figure out how that wouldn't be a catch:


    1) he took a couple of steps;

    2) he pulled it into his body;

    3) he then took it away from his body so it crossed the goal before his knees hit;

    4) he rolled pulling the ball back into his body, and landed on his back with the ball in his hands and on his chest.


    Unless his hands have some sort of gravitational pull, I don't see how he could have done all that without having control of the ball.


    I'm not sure how much more he would need to do to demonstrate "football moves." Make a sammich while holding the ball, maybe?


    Have to wonder how defining a catch has managed to be so fucking complex. Meanwhile, other teams get the benefit of the doubt when they touch the ball with their fingertips (I'm looking at you, Green Bay--don't think I forgot about 2011).

  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000553694/article/mrsa-infection-leaves-giants-daniel-fells-in-dire-situation?campaign=Twitter_atn



    MRSA infection leaves Giants' Daniel Fells in dire situation
    • 0ap1000000022400.jpg
    • By Ian Rapoport
    • NFL Media Insider
    • Published: Oct. 11, 2015 at 07:16 a.m.
    • Updated: Oct. 11, 2015 at 07:44 a.m.
    • 37 Likes | 12 Comments

    With the Giants set to take the field tonight to play the 49ers, their tight end Daniel Fells is facing a far more serious battle.

    Fells has been hospitalized for more than a week as he battles a persistent Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection that necessitated being placed in the Intensive Care Unit on Friday. He's since been moved to a private room to have a nurse focus solely on his care.


    Fells has had five surgeries, according to a person with knowledge of his condition. More are coming, as doctors try to stave off further infection. As of Saturday night, they were fighting to save his foot, which is at risk given the nature of the infection.


    He was placed on Injured Reserve this week, and it remains to be seen if he'll ever play again.


    The situation arose, the source said, when Fells suffered a toe injury, then an ankle injury. To treat it, Fells was given a cortisone shot. After a week of ankle and foot pain, Fells' wife took him to the emergency room on Oct. 2 with a 104-degree temperature. There, they found his ankle was infected with MRSA, a dangerous staph infection that is resistant to many antibiotics.

    With doctors hoping to avoid amputating his foot, the more urgent fear is that the MRSA has gotten into the bone and that it could travel into his blood. That could have the gravest of consequences.

    Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon said "this is a serious situation that has been taken seriously from the beginning. We're all fighting for Daniel." In fact, several Giants officials have visited Fells, including GM Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin.

    As a team, the Giants have also reacted, working with infectious disease specialists earlier in the week, and these experts defined protocols to follow in consultation with Duke Infection Control Outreach Network and others locally.

    Their locker room, training rooms and meetings rooms were scrubbed and sanitized and players were briefed on precautions and how to prevent the spread of MRSA. Meanwhile, Fells remains away from the team, waging his own fight.


    This is unbelievable. Hope he recovers.


    This season might have a body count. Or multiple amputations. I don't think any team outside of Marshall had this level of insanity go on.

  9. Regarding Cruz, I read this morning that he'll meet with the Giants today to see where the calf is. Article also mentioned short term IR and that if that designation is made, it's week 13 before he returns. I don't think that the article brought up the short term IR designation out of the blue. I'm sure there is some consideration that it might actually be the route chosen. I too, am looking more towards the return of Beatty. I'm forget when he's able to return. My only question there is whether he'll come back to LT or RT. I think he should go to RT and not disrupt what Flowers has started. But there is an argument that Beatty is more finesse and less power, which are supposedly more suited for LT. I think we need to see how Beatty performs at RT before anything else. I'm just glad to know we're only talking about two guys here after week 4 and we're talking about their return THIS season. JPP, I've said before...I'll be surprised if he plays this year. It's of no benefit for the Giants to pull the franchise offer. And unless he's absolutely 100% ready to go (and the Giants believe he can be effective) - I don't see them putting him on the field. By week 10, JPP has to decide whether or not to sign.


    If JPP signs before week 10 and JPP is NOT ready to play - Giants can put him on NFI list, which at this point would end his season (Giants can also choose whether or not to pay him)

    If JPP signs before week 10 and JPP IS ready to play - Giants can activate him and would have to pay him.

    If JPP does not sign before week 10 - he cannot be activate the rest of this season.

    So...the question of JPPs return will linger until mid November. The article I read most recently about JPP stated too, that the Giants record may come into play when they decide what to do with him. I don't know that I necessarily think that's fair or ethical, but I suppose it's the nature of the business. I mean, you offer a guy a contract, he signs it, and when he comes in, you justify (at least partially) not playing him because your team is doing well without him? That seems a little shady to me. But with JPP, I think if the Giants find any success this season, that the ship has sailed. I think the Giants will maintain his rights throughout this season and allow him to test the FA waters in the offseason. I don't think they tag him again. I think they make a fair offer to him, but nothing close to top DE money. Maybe top 10 DE money with incentives, but that's about it.


    As for the losses in weeks 1 and 2, yes, they absolutely should have been wins. The wins were in the bag and we let those opportunities slip. I think the focus of the team, shown by the comments following the Bills game, is that the team could very easily have been 4-0 right now. They could be. And seeing that 2 on the right side of the record is a constant reminder of the need to stay focused, finish games, and put forth the effort. So really, at the end of the day, I think those 2 losses COULD be hugely beneficial given the way they're being treated as motivation, attention to detail, effort, heart, etc. You know, players could look at week 1 in a vacuum and call it a fluke. Then they see week 2, and the pattern is set. There's solid evidence that they're not doing something late in games. Weeks 3 and 4 you can see them turning things around a little bit...still some errors here or there. I'm really looking for a stretch of games here where they improve further. With San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay in the next 5 games...we have a real opportunity in front of us.


    Regarding JPP--doesn't seem shady to me at all. They offered that contract to a guy with intact hands: what comes back is someone who may or may not be able to play at all? The Giants are taking a chance that he might be able to give some help to the team, albeit easily less than 800,000/game that he will be paid.


    I feel bad for the guy, but let's not make him a martyr, either. He fucked up--it's not like he was injured in training or in playing the games.


    Feel bad for the guys getting injury settlements off of IR.

  10. 381067_10150452073127814_99559607813_107






    Last two are linebackers, though. Different position, different technique. Although I do admire your optimism.



    Like I said it's just my opinion but I don't see it, I don't think he's a dominating force and I feel like teams don't have any fear running to his side.


    JPP was a ghost in 2014 for the first 11 games of the season, and only turned it on in the final weeks of the year against lesser O-lines and opponents (much like the rest of the Giant's team).


    He's a good player, better than any 10 fingered DE on the team right now, but he isnt worth the franchise tag and not 10 million a year.


    You're not alone in your opinion. Good player, hated the idea of franchising him.

  11. Figuring that the team's absolute ceiling this year is wildcard (and I'm talking one and done), Sunday seemed like good news to me.


    New DC in first real game in system for these players--not slaughtered. Without key players, and a half-assed secondary.


    Offensive line playing first game together didn't look like the absolute clusterfuck it could have. Especially when you consider this was Schwartz's first full game since he signed(?).


    Yeah, we should have won but screwed up the time management, but 1) if you went by the predictions, we shouldn't have been in that position; 2) if Dallas wasn't given a TD with that PI, we wouldn't have been in that position.


    Oh well, next game...

  12. No surprise that Reese was criticized for piss poor drafts, but looked like a genius in the last 3 drafts. In the last three drafts, he concentrated on the trench in the first 3 rounds unless there was a spectacular skill player sitting there like OBJ.


    At least Reese is finally getting it. Better late than never.



    2009--Will Beatty(2nd)

    2010--JPP (1st), Linval Joseph (2nd)

    2011--Marvin Austin (2nd)


    Other picks for "the trenches": Petrus, Brewer, Mosley, McCants, Tracy, Kuhn. There's also a list of free agents for the trenches, some of who, while not great, did help us get a second Lombardi.


    The only 2 years he didn't get at least one player for the trenches in the first 3 rounds were 2008 and 2012: 2008 he picked 2 DBs (Phillips and Thomas) and Manningham, 2012 was Wilson (who most people on this site was thrilled about) and a DB and WR (once it was clear that we'd be losing Nicks or Cruz).


    Other than Austin, Reese has actually done an outstanding job drafting DTs: Cofield, Joseph, Hankins. And he's gotten some serious bang for the buck at that position in free agency. He apparently couldn't draft a LB at gunpoint, but he can do DBs and DTs. The DBs can't stay healthy for shit, but he can draft them.


    This whiile in a situation where your starters at DE are league leaders like Tuck and Umenyiora, you still have a 1st rounder in the second string (Kiwi); your entire starting offensive line basically deteriorates within 2 years (more than one of those guys literally went from Pro Bowl 1 year to IR/retired the next--that's insane); and you have far more glaring needs at the time (LB, CB, Safety--all of which he drafted with the other picks in the first 3 rounds in that period).


    You want to call them bad drafts? Go for it. Personally, I think those were some of the most injury-plagued, cursed drafts I've ever seen, but there you go--same net effect.


    But ignoring the trenches? That simply didn't happen. And repeating this meme like a mantra simply isn't going to change the facts.

  13. Eh. We expected to lose this game all off season, and we did. It's good that it wasn't a blowout, and we were in it until the end.


    Honestly, I was waiting for the lead to get blown all second half. Funny how both teams picked the end of a half to implode--pity the Giants picked the second half.

  14. Not expected to play for the Giants:


    WR Julian Talley


    CB Prince Amukamara


    Safety Landon Collins


    CB Chykie Brown


    CB Jayron Hosley


    Safety Nat Berhe


    Safety Cooper Taylor


    CB Chandler Fenner


    LB Jonathan Casillas


    Tackle Will Beatty


    OL Brandon Mosley


    WR Victor Cruz


    WR Rueben Randle


    DE George Selvie


    Will Cooper Taylor ever be expected to play? Expected to be IR'd, sure...

  15. All of that can be valid, but it's also moot because this franchise won two Lombardis with Eli. Doesn't matter that Roethlisberger has rings in Pittsburgh... Because he won his there with that team does not automatically mean we would've also won rings with him. The point is that none of it matters when you draft a multi-Super Bowl winner and MVP. You did well, you won, and you go on.


    Exactly. Winning one justified the price--the second means we got a discount. There's very few QBs with multiple SB wins, and even fewer with multiple SB MVPs.

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