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"Well just to let all the New York Giants fans know, I'm back to 100%. Just recently the doctors officially cleared me 100% to begin getting ready for the up coming offseason. The injury really put things in reality for me. One year I don't miss no plays, than the next I get knocked out the last month of the season when we were making a serious run for the playoffs. But I'm excited and ready to begin this offseason and build off of what people thought we could not do last year. This team, with a couple of pieces, can be a Superbowl Champion. I believe that and I'm sure my teammates do as well. We start working March 20, so the clock is ticking and best believe that this year NY Giants won't come up short. The defense will improve for one. This is the first year, in my 6 years that I will have the same coaching staff coming back. That alone speaks for its self. Also our offense will be one of thee best next year, so I hope everyone is getting pumped up like me and ready to turn Giants Stadium into a nightmare for the upcoming year."


-- Antonio Pierce

fuck yeah

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Guest Nutty Sack

Now that Antonio is back to full health he should take on the leadership role he has earned with his play and grab Shockey and Plaxico by the scruffs of their necks and tell them that they're practicing with their team this year like it or not !!!

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