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Arena Football... Everyone Should Atleast Go To One Game!

Plax 4 Prez

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Nothing beats real football though.


I tune in there from time to time but it's really a joke. I'd get the same amount of satisfaction watching my friends play for free.


The cheerleaders would be the only good part about going.

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I've only been to a AF2 game and it was alright. I am surprised it has lasted 5 years in the area. The cheerleaders aren't half bad though. My friends ex's was a cheerleader for them. Of course native girls are not that good looking around here. They are mostly college students.

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The hot cheerleaders...no out-of bounce, shorter field with crazy ass players... I'm representing the Orlando Predators!!! $6 a ticket!! You can't beat that...

yeah been to a few predators gaames. they rock. i worked wiith a girl at hooters that was a cheerleader for them a few years ago. :drool: damn now you got me thinkin bout her and i cant remember her damn name. see her face...and body..no name. dont smoke pot kiddies :cwy:

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