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Good Eli/Peyton article


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Still, if you don't think this game means just a little bit more to the Mannings than a game against, say, Washington, you don't understand the first thing about brothers. Or the Mannings, and their utter distaste for losing.

When Eli was asked about the first time he beat Peyton in anything, he quickly indexed the mental Rolodex. Yeah, he remembered. Both of them did.

"I was 16 or 17, and I was playing high school basketball at the time," Eli said. "Peyton was 21, 22 and he hadn't shot in like five years. What I remember is the way it ended. It was 9-8, playing to 10, win by two. I was at the top of the key. Peyton went for a steal, which didn't work, and I went for the dunk. Said Peyton: "It wasn't so much that I lost. It was that he dunked on me."

Sunday night, the brothers-with-arms get to create a new and unique memory. For themselves, for their family, for all of us.


So, the precedent is set. :flex:

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