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  1. what are your thoughts on the 22 navy seals that were recently killed? this should be interesting
  2. hell no.....i don't fuck with people that strap bombs to their chest....you can't win that war
  3. i'm sorry taliban terrorist
  4. yeah jihad terrorist....owens was a castoff.........a castoff is someone that has been discarded. anytime you deactivate a player and then cut him, he's a castoff. the eagles didnt want him anymore.
  5. Kurt coleman started many games last year at strong safety and played a significant amount of snaps. nate allen was the openeing day starter at free safety and had 3 picks in the first four games before he got injured so i'm not really worried about safety. plus when you have 4 stud corners, who cares? linebackers are slightly a concern but we picked up better defensive tackles for our new scheme....again not worried. what happens if any starting qb in the nfl gets injured? yeah, we'll likely be a worse team as i'm sure the giants would be if manning breaks his leg. but to answer your question, if vick pops a hammy we'll go with kafka....young is in philly to rehab his image and get quality qb coaching. he's merely trade bait for the next offseason. eagles will land another 2nd round draft pick for a backup qb just they did with aj feely and kevin kolb
  6. we had a very good team last.....fell just short to the SB champs. made some significant upgrades this offseason.....it's SB or bust
  7. all eagle castoffs....enjoy our sloppy seconds ralph
  8. Just got back from Cozumel. Wife wanted to see the Mayan Ruins for her birthday. She almost convinced me to miss the game yesterday but we watched it in the NY airport....priceless!!!!
  9. Ha! I feel so bad I wanna lay off work? Pussies
  10. 1. eagles 2. cowboys 3. giants 4. redskins any questions?
  11. everyone who was paying attention knows that parcells and fassel were poking each other and the maras didn't approve. there.....i said it.
  12. Link some dude posted this on the eagles mb
  13. a reach? the eagles move up two spots for their 6th rounder.....almost every draft expert and analyst had him as a top 10 draft prospect overall. rumor was that the giants were poised to trade up with detroit to nab him. Link personally, i'd take a team full of receivers of desean jackson's caliber. the guy is a stud.
  14. eagles lost two starters on offense....runyan and thomas replaced them peters and stacey andrews-upgrade eagles lost one starter on defense....brian dawkins. although he was the heart and soul of that team, he was sometimes a liability in coverage and they got a lot younger and faster with demps and sean jones at the position. plus the eagles think very highly of mikell.....enough that he could easily replace dawkins at fs if jones or demps don't work out there. jones is a natural ss who has 14 picks in the past three seasons. the eagles replace greg lewis' position with maclin and buckhalter's with lesean mccoy. they also added leonard weaver at fb plus they get back a healthy shawn andrews along the offensive line. i think they made significant upgrades.
  15. the consensus (from nine major sports writers around the country) was that the eagles had the best draft in the nfl..... Link
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