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Happy Birthday Boss!


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Do you have the cover from when the yanks destroyed the mets? Maybe you should post that..........


Good reply. A little bitter are we? BTW, what did the season series between the Mets and Yanks end up being? A tie right? I don't think anyone gets bragging rights out of that.

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A series tie with the Almighty Yankees, oh Almighty Yankees thank you for allowing us to play in the same city as thee! Let's let forget slappy that Frickin Billy Wagner gave up a 4 run lead in the ninth cause the Mets should have swept the Yanks at Shea.


No I didn't save the back page of our 16-7 whipping but damn 19-1 sounds so much worse. Hey isn't that the same club you guys lost to 22-0 last year or the year before that.


Bottom line Yankees fans is that the Mets are up 10 1/2 games up in the N.L. East while the Yankees are 4 games back of the Redsox and the A.L. East won't have the Wild Card to fall back on cause that will belong to the Tigers or Whitesox this year!

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