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Pics for sigs

Virginia Giant

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Hey, if any of you guys need Giants pics for sigs you want made, I have hundreds of them saved into my photobucket account. If you are having trouble finding a good pic of someone, odds are I have 1 that will work. Just PM me telling me who you want, what type of photo etc.




PS - I do not make sigs, this is only for pics that you can give to the graphics team here to make you a sig.

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Osi pics are the hardest for me to find. You have any other than the pics available at Giants.com?

I only have 2 in there not from Giants.com, I think I have some saved on my computer at home that I havn't uploaded into photobucket yet, I'll check when I get home.











Not good ones, but like I said there should be some on my personal PC.

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yeah i've got that one. Used it in the osi wallpaper.

Sorry dude, I have like 1 or 2 Osi pics saved that ain't in my photo bucket and neither are real good quality. I havn't been looking for Giants pics in a while though, when i start searching for pics again I'll let you know when I find some good ones.

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