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Acta is a very dumb man, the man was on SNY explaining how you have to treat a base hit to LF in fenway and a guy coming around 3rd and then he did exactly what he said you cannot do. Albeit he mentioned reyes and how he can outrun balls, but that was just stupid.

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I don’t think Reyes expected the ball to beat him by so much. Not so dumb. Any player worth his salt would have tried it.


Yes the fastest man in the majors was surprised the ball beat him by so much. :LMAO:


Its the 3rd base coaches responsibilty to know the situation if he holds him up(bases loaded 1 out with RBI guys coming to the plate)the field(Fenway, short to left and a LF where he himself told the broadcasters that its like another SS out there) and the overall scenario. The players job is to put his head down and follow his coaches lead, which in this instance was stupid considering all the factors I mentioned.


This had nothing to do with Reyes and everything to do with his coach underestimating all the factors involved.


AT least Reyes is not hurt thats all that matters IMO.

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