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My Dream Scenario


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Right now we're sitting at at 5 and 6 in the draft. Originally I wanted to grab Hutchinson and Neal but with Hutch playing like he wants to go #1 overall that may not be a possibility, so if I'm in the GM seat this is how I'm playing this draft (and next).


Disclaimer: this is all based on how things keep falling in my PFN Mocks

5: Evan Neal OT Alabama

6: trade into the teens picking up someone's 1st next year and take Linderbaum or David Ojabo (preferably Linderbaum if he's available.

2nd and 3rd Rd picks: I want to come away with at least 1 OG and 1 Edge here regardless of what we do in the 1st. My OG targets are Zion Johnson (BC) and Lecitus Smith (VT). If we go Ojabo instead of Linderbaum in the first I also want to look at a C here like Patterson (ND) or Lindstrom (BC).

4th-7th: fill out Edge, DT, LB, CB, OG with BPA (looking at Emil Ekiyor OG Alabama around here to keep some consistency with the Neal pick)

Next year we roll with Jones (pending health) and a vet backup that isn't Mike Glennon.

2023 draft: If Jones doesn't put up pro bowl numbers, cut our losses and put together whatever package is necessary to move up to #1 and take Bryce Young. 


Pipedream? Maybe, but as numb as I am to this team right now, I'm honestly tired of being the doormat of the division. Tired of our fans being outnumbered in our own stadium. Tired of just being ass in general. 

Let's get this shit fixed. 

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Thats why it's a dream scenario. Lol. Even if it isn't Neal there are other prospects like Cross from Miss. St. or Ekwonu from NC State that should be available in the teens (although Ekwonu is being viewed as a OG... we need that too).

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