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The bright spots.


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Cause all this negativity only belongs in the P&R section.

On defence:

Davlin Tomlinson - He's slowly becoming one of the best interior DTs in the NFL. If you think PFF has any weight he's consistently one of the best defenders on the team since he's been here. Pay this man money and keep him and Lawrence together.

Bradberry - Haven't had such a well rounded and good man coverage corner since DRC was on the field. Great signing(one of the few) and glad he's a Giant.

Lo Carter - Coach Chaos finally has Carter playing to his potential. Is a force on the edge and has really taken a step forward.

Blake Martinez - Shut me up early about his play, hell of a run defender when going north and south. Not a coverage guy and not that strong but reminds me of a weaker AP, he knows where the ball is going he just needs to get there first.

Honorable mentions: Ryan, Lawrence, Fackrell and even Williams.

On offence:

Thomas - Was thrown into the fire in weeks 1 and 2 against some HoF pass rushers and played well. Hopefully he continues to improve because he's going to be a stud.

And that's it on offence lol.

Dixon is punting extremely well and Gano looks better than Rosas so two bright spots there as well. 

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