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The Dak situation and what it means for the Giants


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So, I watched this youtube video and in it the guy talks about the way Dak and Zeke are used in the playcalling . I would guess the million dollar question is,  Will Garrett do the same to Jones and Barkley?  or was Garrett simply being a puppet.


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He's a top-10 QB, but near the bottom of that group. 

I mostly agree with his assessment, but I have to admit there seems to be this knee-jerk reaction among league analysts that "once you're down by 10 points you're have to start throwing the ball." Unless it's the last 4 minutes of the game, I don't understand this logic. 

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What I was aluding to was 5:25-6:55.  Is this what  our Offense will be  behind Garrett as OC  or was Garrett  "told" by the new Crypt keeper "I want it done this way" . either way  I would expect to see a lot of Play action  for us this year.

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