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Jerry Reese and the 2017 New York Giants


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I'll start off with Reese and his A+ additions on the defensive side of the ball during free agency this year.


The trio of Jenkins, Snacks and Vernon have been worth every single penny. Jenkins has pretty much shut down every player he's gone up against, the guy is the goods.


Snacks? What can I say. Dude is all that and more. Plus he's got the best nickname in the league.


I've never seen a player get held as much as Vernon and NOT get called. He plays the run as equally as he rushes the passer and he's getting hot at the right time. Should be a good battle between him and Tyron Smith on Sunday.


Hell, even Keenan Robinson has been a good addition!


Where Reese really fell flat on his face was the offensive line. Pugh is a good pick and he's been a stud since going to left guard, just wish he didn't get banged up all the time.


His other two high picks in Flowers and Richburg have regressed so much this season it's ridiculous.


Every concern Flowers had coming out of Miami is now founded. He reach when he blocks, his feet are slow and he grabs to much. Our first touchdown last Sunday shouldn't have counted because Flowers held the shit outta Timmons on the one play a week we are allowed to fool the opponent.


Richburg after looking like a beast in 2015 is now playing like 2014 when he was at left guard. It's not fun to watch at all. He gets beat and blown up multiple times a week. Maybe he is injured, I don't know but he's played like shit.l all year.


Jerry and Hart should be backups in this league, IMO.


The real mistake was not bringing in more offensive line help before September 5th in Will Beatty. That was a mistake. Especially when we met with all the available free agent left tackles, told them that Flowers was playing there and that right tackle is where they would play. We said that to Eugene Monroe, Okung and Donald Penn.


Then we played in the pre-season and flipped the script. That's just awful GMing. Flowers is terrible, yet we gotta dance with the girl who brought us



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Almost every critical play last week against the Steelers a soon as Manning got the ball, there was pressure in his grill. On the fourth and one down near the goal line. Pressure as soon as the ball was snapped!!


Eli also has a lot to do with our struggles, he's been a negative this season and hasn't had a well put game at all. He's been skittish to borrow a term from John Mara. I've been waiting all year for the offense to break out, but at this point they are what they are. An offense that only has one true weapon, a rookie who is a Steve Smith lite and can't really get open and Fork in the back Victor Cruz. None of our running backs do anything spectaurly well and our tight ends remind me of the days before Shockey but atleast Howard Cross and Dan Campbell could block like motherfuckers.


Larry Donnell is a loser who shouldn't be in the NFL. You just KNEW the ball was going to him on an out and up route because he's a tall goof. Will Tye leads the league in getting tackled by the turf monster and Jerrell Adams has a 3 inch vertical after watching him try to catch that pass Manning threw him on the first drive was truly inspiring!!

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With how everyone and the media expected the Gints to go 2-14 with the performance in the preseason, I'm not considering 2017 a loss by any means, or willing to pass judgement until week 16.


There are flaws on the team like every team in the NFL, even the best GMs in the NFL cant plug them all in one off season, it's up to coaching staff to get the players to play at the best of their ability, and the GM to find players who have the skill and ability to be coached.


Overall the last five years have shown a flaw in how the Gints are approaching the drafting and coaching of players, many drafted players have failed to develop into an NFL quality starters and it's hurting the team now in the final years of Eli's career


Can it be blamed solely on JR? No. The Oline coaching on this team has failed to develop any starting group since the years of the big 5 in Diehl, Snee, Ohara, Sueburt and McKenzie, despite having talent drafted in those positions.


The game planning all throughout the season has been spotty, which once again falls to the coaches, who luckily have had a string of weaker teams that couldnt get out of their own way.


Like I said I know myself I didnt think the Gints would be able to compete for a playoff spot for another three to four years of rebuilding, with a new QB/GM/HC at the helm, many here also said the same thing. I don't see why we shouldn't enjoy this ride of the 2017 season with the Gints actually in position to push for a spot in December, when many thought the season would be done before that.

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I really wonder if the game plan is so vanilla because Macadoo knows his offensive line sucks, his running backs don't have speed and our tight ends couldn't catch Zika in a room full of mosquitos.


So he's always in 11 personnel and hopes something good will happen.

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I really wonder if the game plan is so vanilla because Macadoo knows his offensive line sucks, his running backs don't have speed and our tight ends couldn't catch Zika in a room full of mosquitos.


So he's always in 11 personnel and hopes something good will happen.


Honestly the best thing that JR or the FO can do this offseason.


Take McAttacks play calling duties away and go and hire a real OC.


I think he makes a fine HC, but I don't want him in charge of calling/designing the gameplan every week. He's not a "guru" and so far nothing of what he's shown is anything like what Green Bay likes to run besides speeding up the throwing time, which can be more of an effect of the Oline then the scheme of the offense.

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