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Bold Predictions.


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You know, it gets really tiresome doing this every year. I wish, just for once, I wouldn't be right on every single count of what I predict. I'm like a Nostradamus if Nostradamus had actually predicted anything and not written everything in weird, quasi-poetic quatrains that were predicted as prophetic years after said event.


Anyways, I've looked once again into my crystal ball and I've seen the future... the Giants future. Watch out Vegas, because you can take these predictions to the bank.


We will finish as a bottom-five running team. You think the blocking is bad in preseason? At least then we had three blocking backs on the roster. Gone is anyone that can run block who isn't a lineman (and we have two lineman that can't do that either). Just imagine a pitch out to Jennings in a two-TE formation with the imposing forces of Larry Donnell and Will Tye bearing down on you. We don't even have a fullback on this team. Get ready for 3.2 YPC average.


Odell Beckham will be the offensive player of the year. I'm thinking he ends up with somewhere around 1850 yards and 15 TDs. He's literally the only worthwhile player on offense not named Eli, unless you count Larry Donnell and his Somersaults of Doom. He's going to absolutely school Josh Norman this year, and it's going to be hysterical. I can't wait to hear Norman's excuses.


Olivier Vernon has 15 sacks. This dude is exactly what this defense has needed since Strahan left. He actually looks like Osi and Strahan combined into one guy; small and quick like Osi, but can still bull rush like Strahan. Also, his work ethic seems to be off the charts and he looks mean as fuck. Vernon is going to have a big, BIG year, make the Pro Bowl, and will be in consideration for first-team All-Pro


Cruz becomes the #2 receiver, Shepard is the #3. Cruz will actually be healthy and honestly, showed up for as many plays in preseason as Shepard did. SS might turn it on at the end of the season, but I haven't seen anything yet to make me a believer. The Giants have somebody every year that looks great in camp but goes on to do nothing (Barden, Randle, Moss, etc). I hope Shepard isn't that guy but I don't see what the big deal is about either.


We'll make the playoffs. I think 9-7 might win the East this year. Everyone seems to be writing the Redskins off, and while I think they'll be good, I think we'll split with them. Dallas and the Eagles are each starting a rookie; last year they'd have won both games, but this year we'll have an actual pass rush. Most importantly, Wellman has this team fit and injury-free, and we won't have twenty guys in IR by December. That can't be understated, and will likely be the biggest (and most unheralded) reason we make it back to the playoffs.





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Super Bowl LI Champions


Yup, I'm serious.


The offense will look like crap through week 4, then become competent while having a minimal run game like last year. The offense will bumble around, occasionally looking great, and score enough to win. The defense will end up being a #8-12 ranked D and carry the offense. Offense comes together, gets hot in the playoffs and tear shit up. Ring #5.

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