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Watching the game yesterday...


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I went to a bar yesterday to watch the game, and no joke, I sat next to Karlos Williams' brother. Me in my Odell Beckham jersey, sitting next to this dude with a Bills t-shirt on. We started chatting about the game and he said that Karlos was his brother... like actual brother. Mentioned his other brother playing LB for the Steelers, too. I told him I was a big fan of his brother at FSU and loved watching him run the ball because he's such a tough, powerful runner. When Karlos scored the TD on the wheel route, dude was really pumped, it was a pretty cool moment, and I couldn't help cheering with him for a moment (would've been different if that TD was going to lose us the game). Anyway, thought I'd share. Guy was obviously very proud. I did miss an opportunity to get the inside info on whether or not Karlos would remain the starter if and when LeSean McCoy gets healthy.


Anyway, really nice guy, and enjoyed talking with him.

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