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Dr Z's mock in SI


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Zimmerman has Cromartie going to the Rams at #11 with this quote A gamble to be sure. He missed 2005 with a torn ACL and had only one college start, but in his workouts "he looked like he was from another planet", SAYS GIANTS G.M. ERNIE ACCORSI.


Telling quote, wonder if he is there at say 19 20 if EA bites and tries to trade up and get him, Dr Z has a REAL high opinion on him and I wonder if that is too high?

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Despite what the fab 4 say, I think EA (and Tom Coughlin) have done a phenomenal job in the past few years putting this team together. A few key acquisitions:

Eli Manning

Gibril Wilson

Osi Umenyiora

Sam Madison

Lavar Arrington

Plaxico Burress

Jeremy Shockey

Will Demps

William Joseph

Brandon Jacobs

Kareem Mckenzie

Chris Snee

Antonio Pierce


Tiki Barber


I have complete faith that they will make a good move this draft and come away with at least one very talented player. If they trade up to get someone, I'm sure it will be worth it.


For those who hate WJ, check out this pre 2003 draft column. Who would you have taken?


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Guest Carbo
Accorsi rarely tips his hand. . .
That's because he's using it to hold his wig to his head in the windy confines of The Meadowlands.
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Yeah, I saw this quote and this basically shows EA has no faith of getting Antonio. I bet he would trade up to #21 or a pick like that if Cromartie is available though.


EA would have to trade up infront of San Diego KC Patriots and Bucs in order to get Antonio and that would only work if the Rams do not select him


if we are going to trade up to 17ish

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