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Strong first start or Santana


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See how he feels Thursday. If he can do his bullpen on thursday and you have Ike and Johan opening day. Well that's a

Little bit of brightness.


Your best bet is to trade Johan for prospects, it's a real shame you guys couldn't get prospects for Reyes.

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They get the Marlins draft pick I think... something like that. MLB free agency works in some fashion where if you lose a type A free agent, which Reyes certainly is, you get an extra 1st rounder or something, idk.


Anyhow, Santana is really key for this team. He's had a lot of time to heal and to rehab. So if he's strong, and gets that velocity back up to 91-92 consistently on that fastball, he will be very good. He threw a changeup to Yadier Molina that was the real deal... just a wicked pitch and really fooled Yadier.


But the return of Santana and Ike are the main reasons I don't think this team will be as bad as everyone says. Now, if Santana has a major setback, all bets are off. But I like this team. I like Matt Harvey, too. I think one of these young guns is going to work his way into the rotation before the season is over (Harvey, Familia, or Wheeler). My bet is Harvey and I think he's the closest. And I think he's going to be dominant.

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