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Can One Of You Guys Do Me A Favor??

Plax 4 Prez

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And get me registered to the Mets MB and give me the username and password... it keeps giving me an Error plus baseball season is starting soon, so I want to recruit some people... if anyone can help me out asap it will be greatly appreciated... I want more traffic in here, and I'm sure if I can get 26 members from the GMB in two days I can get even moreMet fans here.... thier MB is nowhere near as nice as ours, so can someone please register me as either Plax 4 Prez, or Wright 4 Prez.. PM me with the user name and password :drool:

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I guess nobody wants to help me bring posters here... :( I guess our 10 Met fans is good enough right? <_< it's up to you guys..if you want me to get more Met fans here you gotta get me a user name and password....

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You register by E mail, tell me your E mail adress, not a fake one either. Once you register by E mail you get the default name of Base Ball, then you can change it and post.

yeah, but it won't let me post.... but it's ok...Exit 117 helped me out and when I'll get home I hope it will work... my company pc's blocked the GMB and the Mets MB from our computers...fucken pricks :furious:

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