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Draft pick values


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The value chart doesn't change year to year. The difficulty in orchestrating a trade with next years picks in it is teams don't know their position and thus have no way of assigning proper value. It's part of the reason why we'd have a difficult time getting somebody to take our first rounder this year for their first rounder next year. At 25, the other team is taking a hit on value this year.

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I know that the values remain the same from year to year. And I know that the unknown of where next year's draft pick will be in a given round would definitely subtract from it's value and because of that, a first rounder this year is much more valuable than a first rounder next year. That's not really what I was asking. Let me use an example:


For argument's sake, say we wanted to move up from 25 to 15 in the first round this year.


15th pick is worth 1050 from what I've seen.


Our 1st (25th overall) is worth 720.

Our 3rd (87th overall) is worth 155.


Which, if any, of next year's picks would be of enough value to make up the additional 175 (1050 - 720 - 155) points needed to make the trade equal?

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