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Check out the NY Giants Stats YTD-


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Antrelle Rolle, Jake Ballard, Victor cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Eli, Osi, Boley, Bradshaw, and Weatherford are carrying the team


Eli 102 QB rating- GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Eli!!!!!!!!!!


Cruz N Ballard both 20 yds per reception!!!!!!!!!!


Rollle- 32 unassisted Tackles!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weatherford- blasting em with good accuracy




Tuck (5 Tackles???) , Manningham (48 yds per game???), Jacobs (3 yds per carry Ewwwwww!!! Hold your nose) this from a man who averages 5 plus per carry every yr.............Tom swallow your pride and give Tiki a CALL!!!!!!!! you old GOAT


These 3 are stinking up the field..........I'll cut Tuck a slight break but 5 tackles in 3 games????? :busted_cop:

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Awesome stuff but I ain't a fan of stats. The only number I care about is the one that comes before Win.


Dont believe me? You cam ask the Eagles.



yeah but it kind of indicates whos carrying the team and who is all talk


Bradshaw gets the same blockers as Ms Jacobs but she averages a yard less per carry ........explaination?? :ranting2:

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what really jumps out at you is we have fumbled 7 times and our opponents 13- we have one rushing fumble our opponents 8


we are avg 3.2 yds per carry our opponents 4.2


but if Jacobs was averaging the same as Bradshaw it would be a wash


We are not losing the ground game


if you add up the field position of our opponents 8 ground fumbles I'll bet we are outgaining them on a net net basis by a wide margin


Our problem is in the red zone (so what else is new)

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