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If game one was any indication of where we are headed


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We are all going to have to pick an alternative to root for this season to win the trophy. This team looks just as bad as the team that finished the last 4-5 games of last year.....maybe worse if that is possible.


Coughlin has to go to expect anything but a steady Dallas-like decline under Wade Philips.....which I fear is well under way. Free Agents do not want to come here, and our own players (see Plaxico, Smith, Coefield, Tiki, Shockey, Boss etc) are starting to become weary of Tom and deserting the sinking ship.


When Tom called for the fake punt in pre-season I'll admit I thought someone had kidnapped Ol'Tom and sent in an impersonator


You can deny it coming from just Plaxico, but when you hear the constant retort of "the guy is no fun to play for" you begin to realize Spags force of personality really powered our last trophy. Coughlins screaming has become nothing but background noise.......the team has tuned him out.


Eli I am going to re-name "Eli the Enigma"......you never know who's showing up each week, the Skins Eli or the SB Eli.....He is not a vocal leader- as Tiki alluded to......he's an aw shucks guy with a lot of talent but no fire in his belly.

He takes losing way too easily. Eli needs a serious #2 QB to push this guy and wake him up.


Even my own son, despite me careful nurturing of him all his life to be a Giants fan, has deserted us to become a Jets fan. He thinks Coughlin is a downer (not in those words). He announced this to me before the season started, and its his right as a man (15yrs now) to pick his own team.


After Tom Brady's performance last week, and his comments yesterday about lubing up early for the game this week.....how can you not like the guy?......I had no idea he had a personality....they are no shoe in by far as their D is young and vulnerable.


If the Giants continue their decline I'm going to root for the other Red and Blue team to go all the way.....I'll always be a Giants fan but Coughlin is making it a tough tonic to swallow.....Time to go Tom.....Time to pack your desk


Depressing, but true.......


I hope the Giants turn it around and make me look foolish but I sure don't expect it. I find myself sitting there just hoping to see a JPP sack......that's become my only highlight reel.....sad. I feel like a Browns fan must feel.


The Denver fans have put up a billboard (two of them at $10,000 each) saying ("if were going to stink lets stink with Tebow")


We should all chip in 20 bucks to buy one and put it up on RT 17 or RT 3 saying "8-9 Years is enough- Tom, thanks for the memories and team discipline.... but its time for you to go. Please retire before you are fired" The fat lady has sung, :mellow:

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Did you guys jump ship in '07 too? Feel free to go find another team though Jack.


I think you mis-understood........I want to be proven wrong, and will be delighted to be

I'm not hopeful


Its not just the team performance, its the atmosphere ........like were under a black cloud


Lets see what happens............I was merely saying if we do go 6-10 I'm going to root for the pats to whip the Jets and GB.........my goals are limited now.......I'd just like to whip Philly but good, and make the playoffs


We are no longer a top 10 team........not right now


I'm trying to be realistic for a change

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