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Do you remember when the team lay down like dogs to oust Fassell?


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I think we are seeing a repeat here........while not as severe as the 2003 collapse, I fully epect the Bears to win on Sunday and the Giants get pummelled


This is playing out like a Greek tragedy.


Whether you like Coughlin or dislike him........only a fool cannot see he has lost this team.


When they told him to file down his fangs and become more of a players coach (impossible) it took away the essence of the guy


Now the team sees him as a bumbling old fool they tune out and want gone.........some of them should go to


- Who has heard these names called the last 6 games?- Rocky Bernard (not called all year), Keith Bullock (said he was going to come in as a team leader uhhhhhhhhhhh......... NOT). Osi- after a quick start this guy has faded like a shrinking Violet. Brandon Jacobs- having a few good games per year and 7 stinkers does not cut it- especially when you fumble constantly. there are about 6-7 Giants who should be forced to carry a football all day long and sleep with one.


- The whole special teams coaches and personnel needs a big shake up- some defensive starters should be mixed into every one of those kick coverage teams, and starting O lineman should be blocking on returns


- the re-shuffling of the o-line against Philly- where on Earth did Coughlin come up with this one......is he thick as a brick? Work O'Hara in slowly- the guy is still playing like a guy with a bad foot, and teams are crashing through center.


-Fewell- this is hard to explain, some games he calls as if he were the 2nd coming of John Fox or Spagnuolo- others he goes to a very conservative game plan and we die on the vine


- I do not blame Gilbride or Eli, both cannot function without a working running game, and ours came to an abrupt halt with the re-shuffle


Here's what I would do- Hire Jimmy Johnson- his combination of ruthlessness, and motivation (a tough combo to pull off- its Lombardian) is what the giants need....."Gruden or Fox, Cowher would be my 2nd choices- personally I prefer Gruden over Cowher but only because he's entertaining and engaging- football wise they are equals.

Fox does very good work when he has the talent to coach.


We have to let Tom go Sunday night- there are a lot and I mean a lot of teams out there looking for powerhouse Head Coaches and you want to be like San Fran- ready to move immediately and start dialing the phone Monday morning at 8AM....to the coaches no longer in season (in the playoffs)...........


At least we don't have to worry about Mara bringing in Shanahan. <_<

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I think we are seeing a repeat here........while not as severe as the 2003 collapse, I fully epect the Bears to win on Sunday and the Giants get pummelled


Funny because I expect us to beat the skins and the Packers win anyway.. which is our lives as Giants fans are scripted.. we can never be put out of our misery soon enough.. the Gods will milk it till the last second.

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