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How To Stream Games From PC to TV


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I am trying to stream games from my PC (Dell Inspiron 5150 6 years old) to my TV (Samsung LN630).


I have it connected with a VGA cable. I am able to display the desktop background and itunes background from the PC to the TV completely.

However, today I wanted stream a hockey game from my PC to my TV, in part as a dry run for the football game tomorrow afternoon.

I am able to, yet even though I have the game in full screen mode on my PC...it only takes up 30% or thereabouts on my TV.


I wanted to know if any of you have this problem, and what I can do so the streaming game takes up the full screen of my TV like it does on the PC.

I don't understand because when I close the game and go to the desktop background, or itunes, it shows up on the TV in full screen.

I have Windows XP.

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