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No road warriors these guys


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What's with the Mets that they can't win on the road? Accommodations so bad they can't feel at home? Lack of discipline, like too much night life away from their women? Or maybe not enough. :rolleyes: I know all the bad can't be because of the home field advantage thing, so what is it?

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Just a .500 team, that's all. They get hot, they get cold, that's the Mets. You really cannot blame this on the pitching. The whole year, the staff has been pretty good. A few hiccups here and there but overall, not bad. The offense has been abysmal though. Wright is having a good year and Pagan has been refreshing. This team lives and dies with Jose, the rest of the team is terrible.

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This team angers me greatly. Our offense has been absolutely pathetic lately wasting away solid start after solid start. Sure, our pitchers will get lit up on occasion, but god damn it seems like lately it's us losing 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 etc. We gotta get Reyes going, it's no coincidence that when we were hot in June, our offense started clicking when Jose started getting hot after that retard put him where he belongs in the lineup, leading off. Jerry is the worst, how the fuck do you hit Reyes 3rd?


I know I sound like a whiner, but man he annoys me. His lineups and where he places some of our hitters is dumb and doesn't imo give us the best chance to win. Of course it's not ALL Jerry's fault. It's just one big collective fail for the most part.


BTW, Angel Pagan has been awesome this season. Gotta have him in the lineup every day. Fuck Frenchy. He has an awesome arm in RF but he is a terrible, awful abomination of a hitter. We just might have pitchers who hit better. He's insanely over-aggressive, and I bet Hack'em Francoeur weighs more than his on-base percentage. That's probably an exaggeration but I know he's OPS'ing at below .700. Rumor is we're trying to move him, and that Kansas City is interested. Please make it happen.

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