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New York Mets (4-1) at Washington Nationals (2-5)

Plax 4 Prez

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sorry I'm late with this... we are tied 0-0 in the bottom of the 3rd... both teams have only allowed one hit each... it's going to be a close one... lets hope the road team prevails!!!! :rock:

It's the top of the 4th with Lo Duca (1-1), Beltran (0-1), and Delgado (0-1)

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bottom of 4th, Bannister a one hit game so far, lets hope he keeps it up till atleast the 6th


With better results than his last outing.... :brooding:

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lol... yeah he had 6 flawless innings then started to self destruct... the guy is still young, I give him some time


I don't blame him. He did OK for his first ML start. I blame the pen.

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bottom of the 6th, we are winning 4-0... PLEASE GOD DON'T PUT JULIO IN THIS GAME.... WE ARE UNDEFEATED WHEN HE DOESN'Y PLAY!!

Bannister with another 1,2,3!!! I hope this will be his first win!!

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