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Giants New MLBer? Scouting Report


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A huge, powerful middle linebacker who does a great job sniffing out the ball inside, McClain generates impressive of power on contact. He?s a secure wrap-up tackler who consistently breaks down and knows how to keep himself clean inside. McClain showcases impressive lateral agility and initial burst for his size, and he looks natural when asked to break down in space. Considering how large he is, McClain closes quickly on the football and exhibits impressive body control and explosion. He isn?t overly fluid in his drop and will get overextended with his footwork, but he exhibits impressive closing speed and has some range in zone coverage. He is solid when blitzing, timing up the snap count well, and has the power to fight his way through the A-gap. McClain looks like an instant impact guy at the next level and could have a Patrick Willis-type impact at the next level.


6 ft 5 inches

258 lbs.....good speed

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That's a big fucking "maybe". Could be nothing, could cripple him for years.


It's especially worrisome because he plays such a physically demanding position...you drop some weight because of Crohn's and you're suddenly under sized for the position....especially MLB...

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