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---Sheridan flees country---


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ—According to an Associated Press report, former New York Giants Coordinator Bill Sheridan boarded a flight to an unnamed nation on Monday.


The embattled coach was fired Monday, less than 12 months after he was promoted from linebackers coach to replace former coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. The Giants were expected to compete for the Super Bowl in 2009, but missed the playoffs after going 3-8 in their final 11 games. The Sheridan-led defense amassed only 32 sacks in 2009 while posting the league's 30th ranked scoring defense.


According to a source familiar with the situation, Sheridan was met by an angry mob upon exiting the team's facility at 5:30 PM. Witnesses say that the unemployed coach dropped his belongings and sprinted to his nearby car as the mob, uniformly clad in Giants blue, followed him. What ensued was an hour-long attempt by Sheridan to exit the team facility. Members of the crowd wielded Giants helmets and other Big Blue regalia as they vandalized Sheridan's 2006 Toyota Prius.


"We couldn't take it any more," yelled Giants fan Tony Russo as he jammed a CC Brown jersey into the Prius' transmission, "The man just couldn't call a successful blitz."


As Sheridan finally managed to escape the parking lot, he sped in the direction of nearby Newark International Airport. Upon arriving, he was escorted by several armed security guards to the ticket counter. A witness was able to narrow down Sheridan's possible destinations to Andorra, Angola or Anguilla, but Giants officials refused to verify the coordinator's destination.


"As far as we know, Bill is going on a family vacation," said Giants co-owner John Mara, "I hear Andorra is very nice this time of year."


It is unknown whether or not Sheridan will return to the US, but the League of Giants Fans has proclaimed that measures will be taken to ensure Sheridan stays away from the Meadowlands.


"We're considering all our options. But rest assured Bill Sheridan will never again set foot in the Meadowlands," stated LOGF Chairman Phillip Francis. He then added, "The man is to Giants' box scores what Michael Vick was to dogs. We will not allow him to physically abuse the stadium's scoreboards any longer."


Sheridan could not be reached for comment.

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