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Question About Antionio Pierce


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AP has never lost being a smart leader, but he is not the same player he was when he first came to the Giants.


In 2005 he was a pro bowl caliber player, then he got injured.

In 2006, it was my feeling he was so-so.

In 2007 he was better, but I did not get he was on the level of '04 and '05.

In 2008 he was again pretty good until the end.

This season, he was average and declining in terms of skill.


My question, how would rate APs years with the Giants?

Was 2005 his best season, did he ever come close to that form or was he just alright from then on, with his best asset being his brains?

Was he a solid player in 06-08?

How was he this season?

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He was always just an above average Physically Gifted Player. But his Football Intelligence is what made him Better then just an average player. At this point his Intelligence can no longer hide his physical limitations


He had a peak?


what/when was that........he's a non athlete who has mastered the art of tackling.........low impact player


what you saw last night were more dynamic LBers.....to put this slug back in there would be a sin

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