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Many of you prolly won't take much stock in this...


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...But I was on the giants.com site and I was reading Eisen's mailbag (we know that guy's knowledge of football is minimal at best) but he had this to say about Ramses Barden, which I think is a shame and he should be allowed to see a few red zone opportunities given our poor proficiency.....but here goes:




While there is little to complain about after a 24-0 win, here it goes. I have to ask what many are asking in the Giants fan forums: Given recent injuries at the WR position, WHERE IS RAMSES BARDEN? Is he not impressing, or not understanding the schemes at practice yet?


Dear George:


The Mailbag received several questions about Barden this week and frankly, I'm surprised by them. Many Giants fans spent the entire offseason concerned about the wide receiver position in the wake of the Burress and Toomer departures. But Steve Smith and Mario Manningham have stepped up and are first and second, respectively, in the NFC in receiving yards. Despite that, many fans want to know why Barden isn't playing. Who do you want to sit down to get him in the lineup? Some of you have suggested Barden's height could make him an asset in the green zone. Yes, Barden is tall and can jump and he did score a lot of touchdowns out-jumping quarterbacks in college. But that was at Cal Poly, where he faced maybe one or two outstanding cornerbacks all season. In the NFL, he will see them on every down. Kevin Gilbride said yesterday that Barden is working with the scout team in practice. He seldom runs the Giants plays. Barring an injury, I don't see him getting significant playing time in the near future.



He really seems down on Barden....so what, it was Cal Poly....scouts must have seen something in him that warranted a 3rd round selection.


And what in the bloody hell is up with him "seldom running the Giants plays"...granted he's on the practice squad which mimics other teams tendencies, why is he not even practicing the Giants plays ever? Won't learn the ropes unless he's given the chance.

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Eisen's's a jerk but he's right- the kid is very green. he's a project with great height and a nose for the ball which is what warranted a 3rd round pick. cal poly slo doesn't see much in the way of defensive talent to stop him.

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