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Peter King Inside the Giants Training Camp


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On this day, players could choose between about nine entrees or sandwich choices by my count. I went with the lo-mein stir-fry, with a flat noodle underneath a carrot-broccoli-mushroom-water chestnut-light soy sauce mix, straight out of the wok. Fabulous. In addition, I stole half of a charbroiled turkey cutlet off lunch partner Adam Schefter's plate. (Actually, he gave it to me, because he saw how good my food looked and wanted to get his own stir-fry.) The cutlet was so tender I didn't need a knife, and light and tasty.


Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/peter_king/08/05/giants.postcard/1.html#ixzz0NSrjwHSN


This summbitch got me hungry I swear :)


::turns around with a moutfull:: And what did he say bout dem Giants again? :blink:

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