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Castro traded to White Sox for RHP


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I don't really know much of anything about Broadway, but I heard Omar say that he was a number 1 pick in the Pelfrey draft. That should dictate that the guy has some talent and a straight up trade for Castro sounds like a great trade for our side of the table. I gues we'll see.

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I guess the Mets like Santos. Go figure. <_<


[qoute]"Santos will be on this team in some form or fashion," Manuel said after the game but before the Castro trade was announced. "No doubt about that. He's represented himself too well as a Major League player and as a Major League hitter."

From Mets.com
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this clearly paves the way for the Omir Santos to Cooperstown inevitability. What we have here is they traded the least useful of a medicore bunch(personally I would rather see Schneider go).


Hopefully shitty Church is next, but then again most teams are set at the 4th OF spot.

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Although Francessa is a pompus windbag, his remarks on Santos were dead on. Mets fans(as usual) want to annoint him some sort of great player. Like Francessa correctly said, he is a 10 year minor leaguer, was CUT by the Orioles and the Mets have caught some lightning in a bottle. Castro is a POS that Manuel hated(showed you that in the Marlins game when he pinch hit Santos against Lidstrom back in April). Castro was lazy and many felt a bad influence. I believe it was blu that said on the Giants telecast they were killing his laziness behind the plate.


Those that want to stand up and take a bow about how correct they were about Omir Santos can do so, keep chucking shit on a wall and sooner or later some will stick. I will point out the obvious that the Mets catching situation is STILL MEDIOCRE AT BEST.


Since we are all patting ourselves on the back here I will now take my bow on Raul Ibanez, who might just be the NL MVP thus far, but hey we have 1 homer and 9 rbis from Churchy :TU:

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You have done it this time, topped every assinine statement you have ever made all in one shot. Ask a simple question get a bias no fact answer


First off Santos is not young, he is 29. Second of all he is not a prospect, he was picked up as a MINOR LEAGUE FREE AGENT


Like Santos all you want, he is a career journeyman and a backup at best


Please Jim, be a tad objective I know you fall in love with the flavor of the month, but really Omir Santos


There ya go Jim, a respectable retort, not a stupid one like Omir Santos who in a few weeks will be a distant memory



"Santos will be on this team in some form or fashion," Manuel said after the game but before the Castro trade was announced. "No doubt about that. He's represented himself too well as a Major League player and as a Major League hitter."



Btw, I never said Santos was Johnny Fuckin' Bench. I said he was a player the Mets liked. Apparently he is more than a 3rd string catcher, according to Jerry Manuel. I'll still be here for those who want to talk sensibly about baseball...


OH, Ibanez: 6 Homeruns against Nationals pitching, 3 in the jet stream at Yankee Stadium, 8 at the little league park, er... Citizens Bank. He's played a lot of games in small parks against bad pitching. Ibanez on the Mets would have maybe 5 homeruns right now, oh yeah, he still sucks defensively. His numbers will come/are coming down as he starts to play opponents that have a semblance of a starting rotation or at least has a fair park. He hit 7 Hrs in an 8 game span against Nationals pitching, in Cincy's little park, and in the jetstream at Yankee Stadium. But hey, if someone's impressed with a guy who hits in a park where Jimmy Rollins can pad stats to the tune of 30 homeruns.... wow. In fact, Ibanez hasn't hit one homerun in a real major league park this year, outside of Washington, where they throw you batting practice.


Beltran would hit 45 homeruns if he played for Philly, no joke.




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Santos is nothing more than a backup catcher, sadly neither is Schneider or Castro and he never wanted to be more than that so thus thats what he is too. It all adds up to a putrid catching situation. I will admit Santos the best suited to be the "regular" backup if for no other reason he seems like he actually wants to play.



You can talk all you want about the reasons why Ibanez has been terrific and toss cold water all over it all you want, fact is the guy has been one of the best corner Ofers in the NL this year, playing great defense and hitting the cover off the ball, hitting some homers that were no doubters no matter where they are. I can only imagine the euphoria if the immortal Ryan Church put up these numbers, of course I hope no one would be as stupid to throw assinine reasons as to why he did this up. Moot point though Church is not capable of that.


I dont know, maybe its me who hates Citizens Bank ballpark more than any park I have ever seen, but did they not win the WS there last year? Its only me who is impressed with Ibanez though. I mean he has only averaged 100 rbis a year the past 4 years, but hey, what do I know. Going back to 1992 the Mets have had a GRAND FUCKING TOTAL of 2 men drive in 100 runs from the corner spots, Bernard Gilkey and Cliff Floyd.....Churchy will drive in 100 ....if they expand the season to 678 games.



Maybe its just me, but sensibly talking baseball is kind of being objective about your team and the strengths of others.

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I like defense. I never said Ibanez wasn't a good hitter. But in a new ballpark, I would've rather had a LFer that plays good defense. Sadly, we have not had that. Ibanez is considered as a very below-average OFer. He is a good hitter, but to say that his inflated numbers thus far which are much higher than his career numbers has nothing to do with having played the Nationals 12 times already and the fact that he's played about 40 out of 51 of his games in hitter's ballparks (and/or against Nationals pitching) is just false.


He will put up big numbers this year that he would have no chance of acquiring if he played for the Mets. He's a good hitter, though, but I don't agree with giving a defensively subpar 37 year old corner outfielder anything more than a 1 year deal.


Personally I'd rather develop a corner outfielder like Murphy or Fernando (even though Murphy has struggled both offensively and defensively this year). If the Mets can develop one of those guys to be a great, feared hitter in the lineup, and they add a starter, then that will do more to add to the Mets core of the team beyond the next 2 years, that an older player such as Ibanez could be reasonably expected to provide.

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