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What happened yesterday with the Giants never happened in C.C. Brown's four years in Houston.


More than 40 players got together for a friendly round of paintball, a team-bonding excursion arranged by Rich Seubert and Chase Blackburn.


"In Texas, we never did that kind of thing," Brown said this week during the off-season conditioning program. "The closest thing we ever did was go to practice. Stuff like that pays off in the long run."


As a newcomer, Brown almost immediately noticed a sense of esprit de corps with the Giants, and it's a welcome change. He started 47 of 50 games at safety and in four seasons in Houston won only 24 times, never reaching the playoffs. At the still-young age of 26 there's a new team and new challenge. As a free agent, Brown signed a one-year contract for $1 million.


"It's like a close-knit team, everybody is pretty much like we're all related, we all came from the same person," Brown observed. "[Tom] Coughlin, that's what he preaches all the time, togetherness. It's just how everybody hangs around, it's not this clique or that clique, it's just everybody mingles with everybody. Chemistry like that pays off."


The other day, as Brandon Jacobs was loudly and emotionally engaging in a boxing debate with David Tyree and others, Brown sat in front of his locker, not saying a word. He's not yet part of the group.


"If you're like a friendly person, it don't take you that long, but if you're like quiet and keep to yourself it may take you a while," he said. "I'm more like the quiet person until I get to know everybody."


David Merritt, the secondary coach in charge of safeties, said, "C.C. is hard to read right now. He is very quiet. Of course I'm comparing him to Michael Johnson, who you have jumping around like a little puppy, and then you have C.C., who is like the Labrador retriever who sits over in the corner."


At 6-foot, Brown doesn't have the same stature as Johnson or Kenny Phillips, both of whom are 6-foot-2.


"It seems like everybody's bigger than me," Brown said. "I play big. Makes me feel like a little midget out there, but I'm going to hold my own."


lol I can only laugh when I try and picture that debate




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