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Francesa is saying now the Yanks are reducing the cost on some of their priciest seats significantly. And before you ask, yes if someone bought tickets beforehand they are getting the option of a refund or a credit, and in some locations an option to add more seats.

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The Bronx - Even the Yankees’ arrogance has its limits. Less than a week after Yankees president Randy Levine blasted MLS commissioner Don Garber for mentioning the empty premium seats at the new Yankee Stadium, the club finally deigned adjust its prices. Those much-discussed $2,500 seats? Now they can be had for half the price. The foul-line seats that used to go for a cool grand? A veritable bargain now at $650. … The Yankees announced they’re reducing the price on more than 40% of their front-row seats and will offer additional free tickets to those who have already bought premium tickets at the original price. Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said the empty seats had become such a hot topic of media discussion, it was virtually impossible to avoid it. “You noticed it, because everybody was talking about it,” Jeter told MLB.com. “You couldn’t help but to look. But I’m sure if they did (cut prices), they did it for a good reason.” :cool:

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