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The Daily News!


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Yeah, Daily News!


I've been at a diabetic camp with my niece all weekend and my parents, so my dad and I have been salivating to find out all about the Giants draft picks... so we stop at a store in Mass and pick up the Daily News! "Draft Coverage Starts on page 58!" it boasts!


Well... page 58 had a full page story on the Jets drafting Sanchez! AND it went onto page 59!


Then the bottom of page 59 had a half-page story about... Steve Spagnuolo's draft with the St. Louis Rams! (I fucking shit you not)


Apparently, the Giants... excuse me, I meant to say the NEW YORK GIANTS.... didn't even have a draft! "New York's Hometown Paper" had two stories on the Jets, and ONE ON THE FUCKING ST. LOUIS RAMS.... and ZERO stories on the NEW YORK FUCKING FOOTBALL GIANTS.


I will never buy that paper again... unless I REALLY need to wipe my ass.


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