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Its Willies fault


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its clearly Willie Randolphs fault why the Mets look like they have as much life as a dead corpse early on....oh wait that was last years exuse :mellow:


At least the bullpen looks pretty good. Especially Parnell, that guy has been terrific. I'm liking Stokes as well. I think Parnell may need to be considered as someone who takes away some of Sean Green's innings, a guy who has been used as a bridge in close games to Putz.


We'll have to see if Parnell keeps this up, but his stuff looks fantastic.

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Who cares. The season is so long anyway all it takes is one hot streak for everyone to get back on our bandwagon.


Agreed, although for me its much easier to see it all wire to wire as to how they are, shitty.

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