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Albert Haynesworth on the Giants defensive line? *Shiver*


The NFL should step in and make this illegal. With Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka wreaking havoc last year, and Osi Umenyiora presumably coming back this year, the Giants should not be allowed to have Albert Haynesworth, too.


The issue here is the preservation of life. Quarterbacks would die. We just can't risk it.


Sarah Walsh of DC's WUSA's talked to Albert Haynesworth yesterday, though, and mentioned that the Giants could be pursuing the big man.


Decisions, decisions. Albert Haynesworth still doesn't know where he'll land when the free agent market opens this Friday, but the defensive tackle is heavily weighing several options. Aside from Washington, Tennessee, and Tampa, the Giants may also be in the mix.


I assume they'd move Kiwanuka back to linebacker, and then trot out a starting defensive line that includes Tuck, Umenyiora, and Haynesworth. That is a frightening notion.


The Giants wouldn't even need a secondary. They could put Jared Lorenzen at one corner, the ghost of Wellington Mara at the other, and it wouldn't matter. Even getting off a little bubble screen to a wide receiver would become an ordeal.


I don't know if it'll happen, of course. I'd still peg Washington as the favorite. But if it does, I'll expect about a dozen offensive linemen in the NFC East to just throw up their hands, say "To hell with this, I quit," and walk away from their teams. It's just asking too much of them.

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