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No Platoon in Left


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So much for the Daniel Murphy-Fernando Tatis platoon in leftfield.


Manager Jerry Manuel said this afternoon that Murphy is basically his everyday leftfielder and Tatis will be used in more of a utility role -- to spell David Wright and Carlos Delgado as well as take some of Ryan Church's playing time in rightfield.


Manuel said flat-out that Murphy is a better pure hitter than Church and he wouldn't hesitate to start Tatis in right to help balance the lineup.


"I don't want him to be part of a strict platoon situation," Manuel said of Murphy. "I think he's better than that.

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I think the Mets found a diamond in the rough with this guy. I hope he proves me wrong.



You mean you hope he proves you right? I hope that's what you mean! :)


It's pretty interesting that Manuel likes Murphy enough to just name him the starter after only 130 career MLB AB's or so. When you look at his swing, and his patience, he certainly looks like a major league hitter and I think that is what Manuel is going off of. I hope that Murph can continue to bat over .300 and draw walks, he will be a tremendous asset in the two-hole, even though I know Marty Noble over at Mets.com thinks that Castillo HAS to hit in the two-hole for the lineup to have balance.

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