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Anquan Boldin Has Change of Heart

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Anquan Boldin Has Change of Heart


Posted Feb 19th 2009 4:00 PM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)

Filed Under: AZ Cardinals, NFC West, NFL Fans, NFL Free Agency, NFL Rumors

By now it's a predictable story arc: player complains about current deal, player clamors for trade unless he gets new deal, player realizes that he has no leverage because he's already under contract, player backs down -- even hinting that he might be willing to stay with the team even though, you know, it's ultimately not up to him.


Reprising the role of disgruntled, underpaid millionaire this offseason: Anquan Boldin, who has made it clear that he wants out of Arizona and there's nothing the organization can do to change his mind. As recently as two weeks ago, he told the USA Today that "I don't think the relationship can be repaired with the organization," so he's obviously very serious. Or maybe not.


Boldin's agent Drew Rosenhaus told Cardinals general manager Rod Graves that, while his client remains receptive to a trade, he is willing to sign a long-term deal with Arizona. ...


However, if a long-term deal cannot be worked out, Boldin still would like to be dealt. But for the time being, Boldin wanted to give the Cardinals additional options.


Very thoughtful of Boldin to give Arizona "additional options," particularly since he's got two years left on his contract and they could just choose to do nothing. Four years ago, the club first extended Boldin, giving him a new six-year, $23.5 million deal.


I don't begrudge the guy for wanting more money -- NFL contracts aren't guaranteed and he's certainly outplayed his current deal -- but it's hardly surprising he's willing to stay in Arizona, what with him not having much in the way of leverage.


Plus, all things being equal, where else is Boldin going to play where he'll get the opportunity to rack up gaudy offensive numbers? Kurt Warner (assuming he returns) and Larry Fitzgerald are possibly the two best things to happen to his career. There are worse fates than staying in Arizona.



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