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Lets play the stat game...


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Looking at the season so far its easy to see why the wins have piled up


1. A stat not brought up yet - The Giants have only give up 20 or more points in 3 of the 10 games they have played in so far (Cinci 23, Cleveland 35, eagles 31). This is just an amazing stat and it has not been talked about to much. Consistently giving up less than 20 points should equal wins every time with this Giants team.


2. All 3 running backs average more than 5 yards per carry. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head but I think Jacobs through 10 games has close to 900 yards, Ward has close to 550 and Bradshaw has 300 yards in hardly any playing time. Jacobs has 11 touchdowns and we are improving at the goal line in both execution and play calling (loved the call to Darcy today)


3. SACKS SACKS SACKS... minus the last 2 games the pass rush has been just as fierce as it was when we had Osi and Strahan running things. Tuck (8.5 sacks) might hit the double digit mark in game 11!


4. Offensive Production the likes of which I doubt the Giants as an organization have ever had. Consistently scoring in the 30's in points per game


5. Carney - enough said (cut tynes tomorrow)


6 Interceptions - Again don't know the numbers off the top of my head but it seems like we are getting alot more interceptions than in years past. I think we have 14 as a team right now if I had to guess.


7 Eli**** - Has really cut back on the interceptions and more importantly doesn't take sacks!!! I know the o line has done a great job of protecting him, but he also has exhibited a new quality. He is getting that ball out (even when he knows he is about to get rocked). Eli has an outside chance of keeping his interceptions under double digits on the season.


Put these together and its clear why we are having such great success. This is the most complete team we have probably ever had.

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I agree with you in almost every aspect, but also wanted to add (if you don't mind). :)



1. Eli - not only is he taking less sacks, his completion percentage is up around 60% which is vital to being a successful QB in this league. Also, he's spreading the ball out to his receivers quite a bit... it seems like just about every week, you have four guys with four catches apiece for 45 yards... and that ain't too shabby.


2. Plax - he worries me still a bit. On at least two occasions today I saw Plax dog it (the play where he knocked the ball away and the fade in the end zone that bounced off his hands) and get this: he has only ONE 100 yard receiving game so far this season.


3. The O line - finally getting respect around the league. It wouldn't surprise me if NONE of them made the Pro Bowl this year since they don't play for the Cowboys, but as a unit there isn't another group I'd rather have in the NFL.

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