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Hines Ward


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There is something wrong about a guy who after a big penalty has a huge goofy smile on his face.


On...oh whats the show called....the NFL network one they showed awhile back "In their own words" I think it was called, where the basically documented the player and had interviews with him and such.


They asked him the same question "Why are you always smiling when you are on the field?" and he basically said he just really enjoys playing the game and is always smiling. He has even been known to laugh and giggle when being chased by DBs and when he is tackled. They showed a clip of him where he caught a ball and was tackles, he was just laughing and smiling the whole way.


It's just what he does when he is on the field.

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It's just what he does when he is on the field.


You know what I could totally accept that on any number of plays whether they are good or bad. But when he is the one being penalized and ruining a good play by his offense I would not be smiling and giggling.


That said he brings his A game each week and if that is what gets his mind off of what he just did good for him.

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