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My Directv conversation today


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Me: yes hello hi, I have been a Directv customer for 3 years now and get it simply for the NFL package and the fact I hate Cablevision and the Dolans, but I must tell you, if you do not get new Mets network Sportsnetny I will be cancelling your services and be forced to go back to cable, I can still see my Ny Giants on cable, but cannot see my Ny Mets on Directv.


idiot on the other line: well sir we can offer you 20 dollars off for six months


me:i could care less if you offer me free porn for the rest of my life, I want sportsnetny


idiot on the other line: well sir we offer the YES network, Msg and Foxsports NY , you should be able to see the Mets on one of those channels


me:no thats the problem I can't.


idiot on the other line: are you aware we offer the NFL network and many ESPN channels.


me:yeah what does that have to do with anything


idiot on the other line: we can offer these and discount you 30 dollars a month for 6 months


me: did you not hear what I said?


idiot on the other end: You like the Nfl package, did you know we offer that in HDTV?


me:should I use the spanish speaking option, you obviously are not hearing me correctly?


idiot on the other end: you speak spanish I will transfer you...


me: no no no no I speak English and I wan to know when SNY will be on Directv?


idiot on other end: we offer Fox Sports Ny


me:Fox Sports Ny is not SNY


idiot on other end: SNY must not be a channel that is up and running yet


me:sigh .... you are clueless about thus huh?


idiot on other end: there is no such channel as SNY, but i can offer you NESN at a discounted rate in NY.


me:sigh... anger... slam the phone down



These fucking morons have no idea that SNY is even up and running, time to go back to cable, NFL ticket be damned I guess? :TD:

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