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Bill Belichec at it again... the scourge of the NFL.


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Browns locker room bacteria linked to Bill Belichick’s chemical weapons lab

The scourge of bacteria-related illnesses that have stricken the Cleveland Browns in recent months was traced back to chemical weapons lab run by Bill Belichick, the current New England Patriots coach and former Browns coach.

“We’ve known about Belichick’s activities for some time, but didn’t realize until today that he had unleashed a bacterial attack on the Browns,” said Jeff Hunter, who heads up a special joint task force of the CDC and FBI. “Clearly the man is still bitter about being fired by the Browns.”

Hunter says he alerted the NFL months ago about Belichick’s activities, but was quickly rebuffed.

“Roger Goodell made it clear that we were not to pursue it further or we would have to deal with NFL Security,” said Hunter. “And I don’t know a person in the FBI, CIA or in special ops who would want to mess with them. Those animals are merciless.”




sportspickle news service.

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