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Who's your team MVP?


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Hate, really? I can understand being thrown off by Youkilis' anger at himself during every at bat but how can you dislike Pedroia? He's just an insane, determined little man whose grit should be the envy of all major league baseball players.


But yah, for team MVP, it's gotta be one of the two, you're right. Pedroia's credentials are more league MVP worthy but Youkilis' has given us great at bats all year in a number of positions, including the all important cleanup spot. Lester also deserves mention just because of his meteoric rise to excellence. John Farrell was right. Smart man.

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Well, I'd go with Youkilis. He seems to be the guy that pulls everyone else along. I'd be surprised if he's not high up there in the league voting.


Oh, no doubt. The MVP race in the American League has become a test of strength and health more than pure performance though. The finalists are, or so I believe: Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, Josh Hamilton, Justin Morneau, and A-rod with Miguel Cabrera getting a few votes. Ian Kinsler, Milton Bradley, and Carlos Quentin all will get votes but miss out on serious consideration because of injuries. Tell me if I'm missing anyone but...it's not as intimidating as in the NL where Pujols is looking to reclaim the crown that he could've been wearing every single year since becoming a major league baseball player.

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