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If they don't make the playoffs


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Well we know that Omar received a 4 year extension. I don't disagree with the move. He has made some good moves but some bad ones like Castillo but he wont be here next year. I want to know what do you think what will happen next year if they don't make the playoffs. I am not talking players wise, but coaching wise...


I really like Jerry Manuel, I like his personality and coaching style but the management will have too clean house and that means get rid of everything that has to do with the Willie Randolph era. I don't know how they could bring Bobby Valentine back. He still has roots in New York but I doubt it will happen. My number one favorite is Lee Mazzilli. I said it earlier in the season and I stick with my guy. After that, I think Dan Warthen is the only one who should come back while getting rid of the rest of the managers. This time, let the manager pick his coaches, not the management.


Okay if you want, we can talk about who will be here and not be here next year. Lets not talk about hopeful signings but players already who are currently on the team. Number one, Castillo has to go. Even if they get a bag of peanuts for him, it will be a great trade. Pedro should not be re-signed. I think at his age, he is pretty much done. Perez is another one who I don't want them to resign. They can also trade away Heilman because he is worthless and possibly Shoeneweis. Easier said than done.


Any thoughts?

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In the middle of the month the thought of Reyes passed through my head. I was getting really worried, because if he had another sub .200 month of September the Mets would seriuosly have to evaluate his stance on being on this club.


Luckily he's played very well the last two months so that's moot.


Basically all our pending FAs would be gone, and at least 3/4 of our pen. And obviously Castillo.

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I would want to keep Manuel....was never a fan of Willie; and he did his best to dissociate himself as quick as he could from Randolph 5 seconds after being named manager. :P But most if not all of the jail house rats that undermined Willie on the coaching and player lists should be sent packing. Too many backstabbers and clique members are still there for my liking.

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