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Giants punter JEFF FEAGLES, 42, joked that he was glad to not be the oldest member of the team any more – that honor belongs to 44-year old kicker JOHN CARNEY, who was signed yesterday to fill in for the injured LAWRENCE TYNES. But at the same time, Feagles has a lot of respect for Carney and his longevity. “He’s the ultimate professional. He knows what it takes to stay in shape and he stays in great shape,” he said today.


And if anyone is worried about Carney having trouble adjusting to a new battery, which will include Feagles as his holder, and JAY ALFORD as his center – fret not. Carney made all of his kicks in practice today (all of which were inside of the 40). But lest anyone think that Carney is no good outside of the 40, Feagles said that’s not the case. “We just wanted to get used to timing and to build up some confidence, so we didn’t go back very far. That’s not to say that he can’t kick a 50-yarder. I’ve seen him kick many of hose before.”


The one thing Feagles did saw about his new kicker is that his style doesn’t warrant much of a change from what the punter is used to doing for Tynes. “The angle I have to take on the ball when I hold it is pretty similar to what I do for Lawrence,” Feagles explained. “With Josh (Huston), he liked to have the ball angled in a little bit. That takes more work than having the ball straight up and down like (Carney) does.”


But that’s not the only similarity Carney has with Tynes. “As far as the way he comes through the ball, it’s very similar to Lawrence. We shoot for a certain get off time, and he’s right in there so that isn’t a problem.”



I am feeling quite a bit better about our kicking situation now




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