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What a pathetic bunch of losers they are. Coach Cheerleader's attitude toward pre-season games is light years ahead of The Broken Fossil and The Prostitute when they were here. Those two treated pre-season games as if they counted in the final standings. Listen I want my guys to get some reps; evaluate the kids and free agents; and hopefully get everyone warmed up for the games that count without any key players suffering serious and/or season ending injuries. And why in God's name would the Giants offense come out and attempt to scheme against a morphing/changing defense in the pre-season? The teams that have something to prove really stress these games; the teams with absolutely nothing to prove can't wait until they are over.

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Yeah i was watching ESPN after to see highlights and Mark Scrlereth was praising how great the Jets were and basically said they are getting a playoff spot and maybe even challenging NE for the division? i said what?, their O-line was out of sync, Brett was even complaining how complicated the offense was. I'm wondering what week maybe week 4 maybe week 8 till Brett demands Mangini gets fired

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