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He is being activated tomorrow and WILL be in the lineup starting at second. I for one, am not happy about this. He has been terrible in the field and a rally killer. I hope he is batting 8th and will not be named the starter. I think Easily has earned that spot. I understand I am not the owner but I would sit his ass and eat that 24 million. I hope Jerry is not being pressured into starting him but I have a funny feeling that he is. If he starts off like how he was before he was injured, there are going to be a lot of boos and I am going to be doing it from my living room. I don't think the Mets can afford to send a reliever down so probably the odd man out is going to be A. Reyes or Evans. It better not be Evans. I was evening getting used to the 3 catcher rotation.

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Castillo is useless. Easily should be the starting second baseman. I like Reyes, he can play the field well but really is not that great of a hitter. I just don't think Castillo should be starting. Maybe we can try Tatis at second because it's a shame that he's riding the pine.

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