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Mets acquire Ayala from Nats


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This is a good move. Anderson Hernandez was never going to play at the Major League level for the Mets, especially with the emergence of A. Reyes (even if he cools off his hitting, he is still very good defensively), Castillo being under contract for 3 more years, with Easley and Anderson having played second base, there is no room at the top for another 2nd baseman. Plus we have guys under Hernandez like Reese Havens who are prospects to watch at 2b.


With Ayala, hopefully Warthen can work with him and give this bullpen a needed boost. This trade has no downside.

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Every move Omar makes is awesome! :TU:


Especially when he gets more Latins.


This is a no brainer and should allow me to not have to see Muniz again(until Sept that is)


Well he didn't get more Latins. He traded a Latin and got one in return. Therefore, there is a net gain of 0 latins.

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