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Well I'll Be Damned

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I mentioned before that I ordered MLB Extra Innings this year and that it hasn't worked since the very first day. I had called a total of 4 times in April and May and each time they said they were working on something and it would be working within a fewweeks. Well, I had either been forgetting to call and have it canceled, or just plain putting it off in hopes it would work, because I would rather watch the remainder of the season than not watch and get a refund. But today I finally had enough and decided to call, but this time when they give the options of 1: No picture (I usually choose that) or 2: Error message (I chose that this time) they auto redid my box and viola, works. All this time all I had to do was have my box reapproved.


At least I get to watch the Rangers/Tankees game tonight. :rock:

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