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Jason Bay


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We traded the immortal Lou Collier in 2002 to the Expos and goy back Jason Bay. Of course we then traded him to the Padres for Steve Reed. Here is some irony, he was traded to the Pirates with Ollie P for Brian Giles.


I think it might be a good idea to go get this guy if we can, he is 29, a good leftfielder and solid run producer.

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if i were welcome on this section, i'd agree. guy's a stud.


blu you are always welcome here. I have said before and you will see in a previous thread, I view the Giants as my west coast team, in actuality they would be my team had they not left. Everyone feels that way blu read here We love blu thread


You think he is worth a package of young guys for the Mets?

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look, no one told us brian giles was going to stop taking steroids.


No one told Steve Philips Steve Reed blows, at least Giles was somewhat productive.


WHat GM possibly could have dealt Bay to the Mets for Lou Collier though that is bad? :ph34r:

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